Insect List for Oldbury Power Station

The following documents an ongoing attempt to identifying the insects (and Spiders and Worms). The initial list was compiled by Matt Plenty, with thanks.


(All photos taken at OPS.)


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Odonata - Dragonflies

Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) Annual

Common Blue Damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum) Annual

Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella) Annual

Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans) Annual

Small Red-eyed Damselfly (Erythromma viridulum) Infrequent since first seen on 23/7/14 (The small black 'x' at the end of the tail is diagnostic)

Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) Annual

Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta) Annual

Emperor (Anax imperator) Annual

Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) Infrequent

Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa) Annual (male, left, and female, right, below)

Black-tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum cancellatum) Infrequent (photo on right below is a very old female – patterns dull with age)

Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum) Annual

Ruddy Darter (Sympetrum sanguineum) (photo on right below is a female - photo by TK)

Lesser Emperor

Yellow-winged Darter (Sympetrum flaveolum) BRERCrecord, 14/8/95. Rare migrant.

Emerald Damselfly Reported in 90's (info. from Martin Hayes).


Field Grasshopper

Meadow Grasshopper

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper


Long-winged Conehead (20/10/13)

Great Green Bush-Cricket

Roesel’s Bush-Cricket (Annual since 2014)

Short-winged Conehead (BRERC record, 20/07/08)

Dark Bush-cricket (BRERC record, 18/06/02)

Speckled Bush-cricket (BRERC record, 20/07/08)


Small Skipper Annual

Essex Skipper Annual since 19/7/11

Large Skipper Annual

Grizzled Skipper (Regularly seen in 1980s and one seen 1.6.12)

Dingy Skipper (80s and 90s)

Clouded Yellow Annual - usually along the seawall, by Lagoons 1 & 2  

Brimstone Annual

Large White Annual

Small White Annual

Green-veined White Annual

Orange Tip Annual

Green Hairstreak in hedge between Lagoons 1 and 2 (29/4/06)

Purple Hairstreak (5/7/14 and seen annually since 2015 along main rhine) 

White-letter Hairstreak BRERC record, 7/7/93

Holly Blue Annual

Brown Argus Infrequent/ scarce

Common Blue Annual

Small Copper Annual (male on left, female on right, in photos below)

                        Also form caeruleopunctata - Small Copper with a row of blue spots inside the orange border, 1/10/2018 & 29/7/21                               

Red Admiral Annual

Painted Lady Annual

Small Tortoiseshell Annual but increasingly scarce

Peacock Annual

Comma Annual

Marbled White Common/ Annual in 80s and 90s, now infrequent/ scarce


Speckled Wood Annual

Wall  Infrequent/ scarce. Not seen since 90s.

Gatekeeper Annual

Meadow Brown Annual

Small Heath Annual


Silver-washed Fritillary along main rhine/meadow in Aug 2019


Shaded Broad-bar Scotopteryx cheopodiata

Red underwing, 16/8/2008

Drinker (caterpillar), 31/05/08

Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Aug 2008

Latticed Heath, 14/8/04

Silver-Y, 17/7/06

Streamer, 17/4/09.

Blue-bordered Carpet, 3/7/10

Common Carpet, 22/6/19

Silver-ground Carpet, 20.5/21

Orange Underwing, 3/9/11

Magpie Moth, 27/8/12

Oak Eggar - large brown/orange males fly in day in summer (caterpillar, 9/5/14, big female in light-trap, 13/8/21) 

Brimstone Moth, 29/8/17

Mottled Umber, 16/12/2016

Six-spot Burnet

Five-spot Burnet

Lackey – hairy caterpillars in silk 'tents' around Lagoon 2

Cocksfoot – only 3mm long !




Yellow-tail (do not touch caterpillars - irritant hairs !)


Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Plum Tortrix

Eyed Hawkmoth - in orchard, June 2020

Scarlet Tiger - Lagoon 2, June 2020

Swallow-tailed - along shore, July 2020 & moth-trap July 2021

Mottled Beauty

Water Veneer - moth-trap Aug 2021

Elephant Hawkmoth - very large caterpillar.

Fox Moth caterpillar

Winter Moth caterpillar - in orchard

Common Nettle-tap

Companion Moth


The following 33 species were added to the OPS list when a light-trap was put in the orchard overnight on 23/7/21. (And another 9 species already on the OPS list also seen.)

Aceleris Forsskaleana (Tortrix sp.)

Bird-cherry Ermine

Black Arches - 2 (m + f)


Carcina Quercana (prob)
Cloaked Minor

Clouded Silver

Codling Moth

Common Emerald

Common Footman - 20+
Common Quaker
Common Wainscot - 2

Dark Arches

Dingy Footman - 3+

Dun-bar - 2

Early Thorn

Eudotricha Fammealis

Gypsonoma Aceriana

Nut-tree Tussock - 2

Oak Hook tip

Pale Prominent - 2

Pebble Prominent

Privet Hawkmoth

Riband Wave

Rosy Footman - 4

Ruby Tiger - 3

Scalloped Oak

Small Emerald

Straw Underwing

Striped Wainscot

Willow Beauty - 2

White-spotted Pug.


The following 12 species were added to the OPS list when a light-trap was put in the orchard again overnight on 13/8/21. (And another 4 species already on the OPS list also seen.)

Orange Swift

Bulrush Wainscot

Thicket Knot-horn (Acrobasis Suavenella)

Copper Underwing

Grey Dagger

Ear Moth


Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing


Swallow Prominent

Lesser/Common Rustic agg.

Crambus sp. (very faded)


The following 28 species are from old BRERC records.

Yellow Shell 20/7/2008

Teasel Marble 20/7/2008

Yellow-spot Twist 20/7/2008

Common Marble 20/7/2008

Rhomboid Tortrix 14/9/2001

Elbow-stripe Grass-veneer 14/9/2001

Long-horned Flat-body 14/9/2001

Sallow 14/9/2001

Bordered Carl 14/9/2001

Light Brown Apple Moth 14/9/2001

Rosy Rustic 14/9/2001

Snout 14/9/2001

Pear Leaf Blister Moth 14/9/2001

Apple Leaf Minor 14/9/2001

Skin Moth 14/9/2001

Smoky Wainscot 14/9/2001

Flame Shoulder 14/9/2001

Lunar Underwing 14/9/2001

Hawthorn Slender 14/9/2001

Barred Sallow 14/9/2001

Pale Eggar 14/9/2001

Setaceous Hebrew Character 14/9/2001

Square-spot Rustic 14/9/2001

Sulphur Pearl 13/8/96

Straw Grass-veneer 4/8/94

Narrow Bordered Five-spot Burnet 4/8/94

Cinnabar 20/7/08

Light Brocade, dead in bird hide, 1/7/96


The following 67 species are from old BRERC records of a Light session.

Common Cloaked Shoot 28/7/2008

Ermine Knot-horn 28/7/2008

Scarce Footman 28/7/2008

Bud Moth 28/7/2008

Knapweed Conch 28/7/2008

Cloaked Minor 28/7/2008

Garden Grass-veneer 28/7/2008

Black-headed Conch 28/7/2008

Barred Grass-veneer 28/7/2008

Thistle Ermine 28/7/2008

Grey Knot-horn 28/7/2008

Bordered Marble 28/7/2008

Chalk Knot-horn 28/7/2008

Satin Grass-veneer 28/7/2008

Bulrush Veneer 28/7/2008

Pebble Hook-tip 28/7/2008

Plain Conch 28/7/2008

Rustic 28/7/2008

Timothy Tortrix 28/7/2008

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 28/7/2008

Common Yellow Conch 28/7/2008

Dusky Sallow 28/7/2008

Garden Carpet 28/7/2008

Rosy Conch 28/7/2008

Shuttle-shaped Dart 28/7/2008

Heart & Club 28/7/2008

Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix 28/7/2008

Ribwort Slender 28/7/2008

Tawny Speckled Pug 28/7/2008

Ling Pug 28/7/2008

Brindled Flat-body 28/7/2008

Lime-speck Pug 28/7/2008

Little Conch28/7/2008

Spindle Ermine28/7/2008

Brown-spot Flat-body 28/7/2008

Large Clover Case-bearer 28/7/2008

Single-dotted Wave 28/7/2008

Small Blood-vein 28/7/2008

Double-striped Pug28/7/2008

Inlaid Grass-veneer 28/7/2008

Rosy Tabby 28/7/2008

Smoky-barred Marble 28/7/2008

Dark Dagger 28/7/2008

Uncertain 28/7/2008

Purple Bar 28/7/2008

Clay 28/7/2008

Small Grey 28/7/2008

Red Twin-spot Carpet 28/7/2008

Wainscot Smudge 28/7/2008

Dotted Oak Knot-horn 28/7/2008

Double-square Spot 28/7/2008

Hoary Belle 28/7/2008

Blood-vein 28/7/2008

Lesser-spotted Pinion 28/7/2008

Diamond-back Moth 28/7/2008

Orange Crest 28/7/2008

Cabbage Moth 28/7/2008

Bulrush Cosmet 28/7/2008

Grey Tortrix 28/7/2008

Common Rustic 28/7/2008

Mother of Pearl 28/7/2008

Purple Argent 28/7/2008

Copper Ermel28/7/2008

Apple Ermine 28/7/2008

Pale-streak Grass-veneer 28/7/2008

Ghost Moth 28/7/2008

Marbled Bell 28/7/2008

White-headed Ermel 28/7/2008

Crane-flies (aka Daddy-Long-Legs)

Daddy Long legs Tupulidae oleracea

Spotted Crane Fly (Nephrotoma appendiculata, BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Symplecta stictica - a small crane fly (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Diptera - True Flies

Long-legged fly Poecilobothrus nobilatus

*Eristalinus sepulchralis (localised/ declining hoverfly sp. associated with wetlands. One of only 2 sp of hoverfly that have 'spotted eyes'.)

*Tropidea scita (local hoverfly sp., found in reedbeds)

Scaeva pyrastri

Helophilus pendulus (Sun Fly)

Volucella pellucans

Volucella zonaria - Hornet Hoverfly

Eupeodes luniger

Eristalis tenax

Marmalade fly

Rhingia campestris

Eristalis intricaria

Snipe fly Rhagio scolopacea

Dotted Bee fly Bombylius discolour

Dark-edged Bee fly Bombylius major

Empis tessellate

Mesembrina meridian



Semaphore Fly

St. Mark's Fly

Twin-lobbed Deerfly

Black-horned Gem Fly

Waisted Beegrabber

Common Conopid

Two-banded Wasp Hoverfly (Chrysotoxum Bicinctum)

Stripe-faced Dronefly (Eristalis Nemorum)

Helophilus trivittatus (BRERC record, 18/6/02)

Leucozona lucorum (BRERC record, 18/6/02)

Volucella bombylans (BRERC record, 18/6/02)

Adia cinerella (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Anthomyia liturata (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Botanophila fugax (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Botanophila striolata/discreta agg. (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Turnip Maggot Fly - Delia florilega (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Seedcorn Maggot Fly/Bean Seed Fly - Delia platura (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Dicranomyia mitis (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Hylemya variata (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Pegoplata infirma (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Tricyphona immaculata (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Pegomya bicolor (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Broad Centurion, Chloromyia formosa (BRERC record, 20/7/08)

Notch-horned Clegg, Haematopota pluvialis (BRERC record, 20/7/08)

German Scorpionfly



Common Green Lacewing

Alder fly


Common wasp


Conops quadrifasciata

Oak Marble Gall Wasp (Andricus kollari)

Acorn or Knopper Gall Wasp (Andricus quercuscalicis)

Rose Gall Wasp (Diplolepsis Rosae)

Crown Gall (caused by Bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens) - here on Sallow

Turnip Sawfly

Tenthredopsis Litterata

Gasteruption Jaculator

Yellow Ophion (Ophion Luteus)

Orange-legged Darwin Wasp (Pimpla rufipes)

Hogweed Fly Fox (Ectemnius Lituratus)

Field Digger Wasp (Mellinus Arvensis)

Loosestrife Sawfly - feeding on Yellow Loosestrife.

probable Social Pear Sawfly


Heather colletes Colletes succinctus (probably this sp. Seen near gate to shore on lag 3 many times in 2018. Fast flying and very difficult to photograph).

*Large Meadow Mining bee Andrena labialis

Tawny Mining bee Andrena fulva

Patchwork Leafcutter bee

Gwynnes Mining bee Andrena bicolor

Red-tailed Cuckoo bee

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

White-tailed Bumblebee

Red-tailed Bumblebee

Common carder Bumblebee

Brown-banded Carder Bee (queen on right below), Lagoon 3 in 2022

Early Bumblebee

Hairy footed flower bee

Honey bee

Goodan's Nomad bee

Flavous Nomad bee

Lathbury's Nomad Bee

Hawthorn Mining Bee Andrena chrysosceles

Orange-tailed Mining Bee Andrena haemorroa

Yellow-legged Mining Bee Andrena flavipes

Ashy Mining Bee Andrena cineraria

Grey-banded Mining Bee (Andrena denticulata)

Red Mason Bee Osmia bicornis

Grey-patched Mining Bee Andrena nitida

Long-horned Bee

Wilke's Mining Bee


Violet Ground Beetle

7-spot Ladybird


10-spot Ladybird

24-spot Ladybird

14-spot Ladybird - Oct 2004

Harlequin – invasive species

Swollen-thighed Beetle (male left, female right, below)


Soldier Beetle

Red Soldier Beetle

Aphodiini quadrimaculatus, a small Dung Beetle

Paederus littoralis, a predatory Beetle

Lagria Hirta

Giant Diving Beetle - in pond by Lagoon 2

Common Leaf Weevil

Red-headed Cardinal Beetle

Lesser Stag Beetle

Two species of small Water Beetle/Beetle

Two species of Water Boatman

Elm Bark Beetle

Agonum Muelleri

Green Tortoise Beetle, Cassida viridis (BRERC record, 20/7/08)

Agonum emarginatum (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Amara communis (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Bembidion lunulatum (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Bembidion obtusum (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Paranchus albipes (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Poecilus cupreus (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Pterostichus strenuus (BRERC record, 2/5/91)

Alder Leaf Beetle

Wasp Beetle

Black-and-Yellow Longhorn Beetle



Red and Black Froghopper Cercopis vulnerata (very common in long grass all around OPS)



Eared Leafhopper



Common Damsel Bug

The following 15 species are from old BRERC records.

Common Flower Bug (Anthocoris nemorum) 20/7/2008

Parent Bug (Elasmucha grisea) 20/7/2008

Lucerne Bug (Adelphocoris lineolatus) 20/7/2008

Timothy Grassbug (Stenotus binotatus) 20/7/2008

Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina) 20/7/2008

Meadow Plant Bug (Leptopterna dolabrata) 20/7/2008

Mirid Bug (Deraeocoris ruber) 20/7/2008

Dicyphus epilobii 20/7/2008

Heterotoma planicornis 20/7/2008

Liocoris tripustulatus 20/7/2008

Myrmus miriformis 20/7/2008

Notostira elongata 20/7/2008

Oedemera lurida 20/7/2008

Stenodema laevigata 20/7/2008

Dyschirius tristis 2/5/91


Enoplognatha ovata

Crab Spider

Zebra Spider

Nurseryweb Spider, Pisaura mirabalis


Red Spider-mite


Common Earthworm

Ragworm - see note 1 below

Capitella spp.(worms of estuary mud) - see note 1 below


Note 1 - identified in 'Severn Estuary SAC and SPA:Intertidal Mud & Sandflats Condition Assessment 2012'

Centipedes, Millipedes & Earwigs

Banded Centipede

Common Earwig


Black Ant

Common Red Ant

No. of species = 384